Orkestra is a brand new London-based recruitment company. They primarily work within the tech industry and combine lots of individuals with areas of expertise to help companies build tech teams.

3D business card design for Orkestra

Orkestra's new logo is a perfectly rounded circle that consists of two parts. The lower part is solid, indicating the stable team of a company, organization, or even a startup. The top 3 lines symbolize the integration of specialists with specific skills in different fields that are needed for the company into the team. We chose a specific tone of green color because it perfectly combines in itself important characteristics of the brand mentioned above.

Logo explanation for Orkestra

Just like an orchestra, they recruit a strong team of specialists in different fields rather than a single person with multiple skills, so those three lines are in the shape of the top view of an orchestra.


Brand archetype design for Orkestra
Pitch deck and presentation design for Orkestra
Folder design for Orkestra
Crumpled envelope design for Orkestra
Notebook and ID card design for Orkestra
Logo icon and slogan for Orkestra
Logo icon and slogan for Orkestra
3D t-shirt design for Orkestra

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T-shirt design with branded pattern for Straudo
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T-shirt design with branded pattern for Straudo