Pedalchi is a company that offers a wide range of services to all people who pedal. The name of this company operating in Azerbaijan also means "pedaller" in the language of this country. Pedalchi provides a variety of services to all pedallers, from rental cycling to training, from spare parts and accessories sales to bicycle repair, as well as the organizational role of international cycling tours in the country.

Man on the bike is riding for Pedalchi
Logo explanation animation for Pedalchi
Mountain bike in the forrest for Pedalchi
Thermos and band design for Pedalchi
Business card design for Pedalchi
Envelope design for Pedalchi
Woman on the bicycle near the lake for Pedalchi
Sportive bra design for Pedalchi
Cycling jersey design with the breanded pattern for Pedalchi
Pattern animation for Pedalchi
A man repairs the bicycle for Pedalchi
Tool set design and bicycle photo  for Pedalchi

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3D business card design for Orkestra